Software Developer Guide for U.S Immigrants

Software Developer Guide for U.S Immigrants

Introduction to the Software Developer Guide for U.S Immigrants

This is a guide for those who are planning to emigrate to USA, and are looking for information of the basic steps you should follow to successfully continue your career in this country. This also can be helpful for those that are currently in the USA and are software developers that were not able to continue their career for any reason, and are looking to take actions to find a job as a software developer in general. Also this guide could be helpful for software developers that got recently graduated or are advanced in their career and are looking for a job in their field. This guide is a product of my opinion and self experience in my journey as a non English native speaker and emigrant, that was successful and made his way through as a software developer.

Q and A

Q: Is this Software Developer Guide for me?
A: If you are graduated, undergraduate or have experience in software development and you are an non native speaker emigrant willing to start or continue a successful career in your field, then this guide might be for you. Also this might be helpful if you are already in the field and you feel stuck in your job, and are looking for a promotion or salary raise. I’m trying to write this as much general as possible, since I’m more familiarized with the process for Cubans exiled, you might notice that many specifications here are for them, this guide is open to help anyone, if you have experience with other processes please feel free to leave a comment in this blog or tweet me @joMendezdev.

Q: Is this Software Developer Guide free?
A: Yes.

Q: What path of Software developers career is this guide for?
A: It is focused in software development field and closely related fields like QA, Scrum Masters, etc.

Q: Is the author qualified to write this content?
A: This is a very opinionated material that the author is sharing with whom want to learn from the author’s experience, this does not guarantee any success in your career, you will have to work hard to achieve your goals, this guide might help you to organize your ideas and learn from others experiences.

Q: Does this only applies for USA?
A: Yes, It is based on US, but you can extrapolate the key concepts to apply in the country you live or you are planning to live.


Prepare yourself

– Getting Started.
English is a must (for non English native speakers).
Productivity and inspiration.
Learn, learn and learn.
Follow the leaders, learn from them.
Find the best resources (keep current).
Attend conferences.


Market yourself Put your name out there

Get your own resources.
Connect with people near you.
Your resume.
Prepare yourself for interviews.

Getting the job

– Research the market (how much you worth).
– Resources to apply for a job.
– Recruiters.
– How to negotiate your salary.
– I got the job, now what.