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You've the idea for a mobile app! don't waste time, build once deploy everywhere like a pro

This is a super complete Ionic template starter (using the latest versions), that might help you to bring your ideas to reality, build your app in no time, start monetizing quick, manage all the data used by the ionic app with a cutting edge Angular Admin dashboard application.

Get the starter here:

High quality documentation

more than just a template

easy customization

ongoing improvements

who should invest

frameworks and technologies

Backend admin dashboard

It includes a super complete documentation with step by step instructions, also if for any reason you have issues with the setup of this project you can contact me, am here to help

Push Notification video

Shopping Cart video

Admin Dashboard video

Get the starter here:

Key Features

  • Offline support
  • Push Notification
  • Google and Facebook login support
  • 1:1 Real time chat with send images capabilities
  • Support for admob (cordova-plugin-admob-free)
  • Firebase authentication, login
  • Firebase realtime database
  • Cloud firestore
  • Native social sharing
  • Call a number
  • Send SMS
  • Rate app functionality
  • Places Maps google, geolocation
  • Restaurant menu
  • e-commerce shopping
  • Shopping Cart with PayPal integration
  • Discover places
  • Image gallery with slides
  • CRUD forms with validation
  • Examples with chartjs
  • Social profile templates
  • Many more...

Get the starter here:

Try it before you invest

Native login (Facebook, Google+), Admob won't be available in web version, please download and install the apk to see it in action

Get the starter here:


    -Updated documentation to include how to deploy the admin dashboard to firebase hosting.
    -Enabled PWA capabilities.
    -Added segments to avoid deeplink issues.

    -1:1 Real time chat (you can use this chat (with some customization) to provide a communication channel between the users and the admin, for example on a restaurant app or a shopping app) 
    -Chat Send images capabilities (upload to firebase storage)
    -Chat Unread message indicator
    -Chat Typing indicator
    -Fixed minor issues
    -Improved documentation

    -Made it compatible with node 9.5.0
    -Fixed small bugs
    -Centralized configuration
    -Improved documentation

   -Added push notification functionality to the ionic project (support on web and mobile)
   -Added custom push notification console, into the admin dashboard
   -Removed unused dependencies in the source code
   -Fixed minor issues

   -Added Shopping cart for Restaurant Menu and e-commerce shopping functionalities
   -Added login with email/password to the admin dashboard
   -Added "Add Admin User" tab to the dashboard
   -Fixed minor issues