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There are some specific scenarios specially when you manipulate the DOM with ng-repeat directive. Lets imagine we have a code that prints a list of element using an ng-repeat. In your controller you have a code to instantiate a bootstrap tooltip for all the elements that are going to be rendered when the ng-repeat is compiled by AngularJs. As a best practice it is better to place this type of code in a directive, for this example purpose, we are going to keep it simple and leave it in the controller.


onFinishRender directive AngularJs

onFinishRender directive AngularJs

The problem here is that the code within the controller is executed before angular compiles the ng-repear, before the DOM elements are part of the HTML. It is hard if not impossible, to find a place to bind events to the elements of an ng-repeat, since angular doesn't provide any event that fires when the elements finish rendering. Here we are going to share haw to create an event onFinishRender directive.

I created this simple directive to capture the moment that the last element is inserted in the DOM,  with this we will be able to call a JavaScript method after the ng-repeat completes the rendering process.

this is the View:

  <li ng-repeat="item in items" on-finish-render="callMyCustomMethod()">
      dummy Text


Here is the onFinishRender directive:


.directive('onFinishRender',['$timeout', '$parse', function ($timeout, $parse) {
    return {
        restrict: 'A',
        link: function (scope, element, attr) {
            if (scope.$last === true) {
                $timeout(function () {

We going to inject the $timeout service to emit an event and include it within the angular digest process, and the $parse service, to include our method within the scope when the ng-repeat finished;

Basically what we going to do is get when the scope.$last variable is equal true, this mean that this is the last time the ng-repeat going to render an element.

Then we going to send an event with scope.$emit('yourCustomEventName').

Then we going to parse the method within the scope

In case we want to capture the event in the controller, we can use the $scope.$on() function.

            //this is the code to capture the emited event
            $scope.$on('ngRepeatFinished', function(ngRepeatFinishedEvent) {
                        //you also get the actual event object, ngRepeatFinishedEvent
                        //do stuff, execute functions -- whatever...



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Here is a working example in jsFfidle. In this exaple we also capture the onStartRender event

Hope this was helpful 😉