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You can use this starter to create your application on top of it and send and receive notifications with your own admin dashboard backend.
If you are a freelance developer, you can offer the dashboard backend to your clients as a plus, when you develop applications like e-commerce, for restaurants, anything where you need to communicate to the users about new features, products, promotions, etc.

The admin backend source code is included with this starter

With this starter you will be able to:

  • Send notifications to individual users
  • Create user groups and send notifications to group of users
  • Create channels/topics for the ionic user to opt-in/out and receive notifications via channesl
  • There is an option for the ionic user to create local notification (this is a generic functionality you should adapt it to your own needs)
  • Firebase and social login (google and facebook) with the ability to update the user's profile

Watch the following video for more info:

Live ionic demo

The notification and the social login will only work on an emulator or a cellphone

Get it from here: