Prevent flicker when Angular route change until model gets loaded (Mini-Challenge 10)

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Mini-Challenge 10

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The Challenge:

Sometimes it happen that when you navigate from one route to another, and you are using services to call apis and fetch the model, the html view gets loaded first provoking a flick.

This is an example of what we want to achieve with this challenge, if there were a PeopleController that listed all Projects and people.html which is the html template that shows the list of peoples, MyService.PeopleQuery() would be fetched completely before showing the new html page. Until then, the current page would still continue to show.

With the solution that you going to provide for this challenge we also going to prevent that the view show the double curly braces in its raw (uncompiled) form: {{ myVariable }}.
Notice that using ng-cloak is not the solution, with this directive the HTML is shown, this directive only prevent the view to show the uncompiled angular.
ngCloak Documentation


Here you can find a possible solution

If you feel that the solution is poor or incomplete or there is room for improvement, please share with every one, you can leave a comment.